We 3 'Sea'

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In the gallery below you can see the paintings I am showing in the exhibition, including the painting for the auction in aid of the RNLI. I am so pleased to be showing this work and sharing with you my love for the sea and the longing we are all feeling to get back to our coastline. Click on the image for more information, get in touch if you have any questions and if you would like to purchase please head to the original paintings area of my website shop. 

Below here is the link to our online lookbook which also shows work by the other two artists in exhibiting with me.

Longing for the sea
Sometimes it feels like a sickness, a twisting yearning in my gut to just be there. To take deep breaths of sea air so full of wild promise it makes you feel lightheaded. To smell the seaweed, to hear the push and drag of rolling pebbles, rounding themselves on the beach or the dull crash of big waves on the headland. The repetitive sounds, the constant movement, the sea air, gulls crying, wind blowing and the wide expanse of mysterious, mythological depths. The way the light changes so fast, reflections on the water multiplying the effects of clouds and sunlight.

Beach fires, sandy feet, freedom.

If you would like to see our We 3 'Sea' exhibition online LookBook with work from Emma Tweedie and Emma J Read please click here 

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