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   Storm and Silence  until 23rd July
     Birch Tree Gallery, Dundas St, Edinburgh


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Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Penny’s studio gives wide open windswept views of mountains, moorlands and mist; her work is about the little things that make up that landscape of freedom, the places where you feel the full force of wind and weather and find some perspective on life.


Being drawn to the sea she paints regularly from the coast of Yorkshire, Northumberland and Scotland, preferring rocky coastlines and rougher seas where she can spend hours watching the water move over and between obstacles. By painting directly on the shoreline seaweed, sand and spray are windblown into the work creating texture and atmosphere. Layers are later built up back in the studio, worked from memories and sketches, never photographs which remove the immediacy of the feel of the place. 

Water is a huge source of inspiration and the surrounding rivers and waterfalls also provide a great source of ideas, drawings are often developed into collagraph plates and printed, sometimes including elements of the landscape in the design but always trying to convey a feeling of atmosphere rather than detail.


Her Fine Art degree, MA and many years teaching helped develop her paintings and printmaking, each material feeds back into the other, the layering, overprinting and intaglio techniques are present in all.


'Incorporating elements of the landscape into the paintings, applying earth and grit to surfaces and using paint ground from locally sourced stone. I often work outside, directly from my surroundings to express a sense of place, the feeling of the landscape and our own relationship to it more than a simple visual representation.' 

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