Whether you would like to gift an online art workshop or help someone to choose an atmospheric landscape painting or new art work for their home, a gift card can make someone's day special.

Workshop gift cards are handmade and tied with a ribbon then sent with a current password to access the guest area of my website where the videos that make up the two-day workshop are posted.

Art work is very personal and harder to choose for someone else, I have gift cards at prices ready to buy or you can contact me to arrange a different price. The beautifully handmade card will contain a voucher code that is redeemed when the choice has been made either on my website, at a pre-arranged studio visit or an event I am attending.

If you would like to send a digital gift card please download           and contact me to make the payment separately. I will then email back with information you will need to send to the person you are gifting this to. 

* If downloading to print may I suggest printing onto card and trimming down.