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We 3 'Sea'

Having met during lockdown online as part of an online membership club called The Connected Artist Club, artists Emma J Read, Penny Hunt and Emma Tweedie decided to come together and collaborate on a small virtual pop up exhibition which is scheduled for a pv on10th April 2021.

With it now being a full twelve months since the first lockdown began, and with access to beaches, coastlines, and waterways curtailed for most of this time, each of the artists discovered shared a sense of loss at not being able to access nature in their usual way. Each of the three artists found solace in their painting; recording, making and creating pieces of art that helped to deal with the sense of loss and longing.

Working from completely separate locations, including Surrey, Yorkshire and London, each artist created a small series of artworks based on their passion for the shorelines, beaches and coastlines of the British Isles. Working either from memory, using sketches made on previous Plein-air sessions or from photographs, each artist has created a series of paintings that are being brought together by way of a virtual exhibition and from each of their studio locations. Each of

the artworks shown is handmade, original and will be available to buy.

Having to get to grips with new ways of presenting their work and keeping in touch with audiences, many artists have had to learn fast how to get to grips with new apps, and find innovative ways to use social media channels and live presentations to continue being able to do what they love - making and selling art.

Each of the artists involved has also created a special 20cm x 20cm original artwork that will be offered in a 'Silent Auction', with the highest bid for each artwork donated to the Royal National Lifeboat Charity, whose search and rescue services has saved so many lives since their inception over 200 years ago.

Join the artists on the 10th of April between 2 pm and 4 pm on Instagram to hear them talk in person with each other, and hear more about their artworks, approaches and processes.

Schedule Of Activity:

2 pm - Three way Artist's Welcome on Instagram Live Rooms (artist Introductions for Penny Hunt, Emma Tweedie and Emma J Read). Join the artists for a ‘sea inspired cocktail’ (details will be posted in advance on how to create yours)

2.30 pm - Q&A on Instagram Live Rooms with the 3 artists, talking about 1 x specific artwork each and the processes behind it.

3 pm - Q&A on Instagram Live Rooms with the 3 artists talking about their passion for the sea, why the creative process is so important to them, and how it helped them during lockdown

3.30pm - Final pop up on Instagram Live Rooms featuring special guests

4pm - Finish

Follow, tag and support the artists on their personal Instagram feeds:



@cedarsyard (Emma J Read)

About the RNLI

The RNLI is a charity founded upon and driven by values of selflessness, courage, dependability and trustworthiness, with volunteers at its heart.

Volunteers make up 95% of the RNLI organisation - ordinary people doing extraordinary things - who are supported by expert staff, all working together to help communities at home and abroad save lives.

The RNLI is working harder than ever to end preventable drowning. In addition to a 24/7 search and rescue lifeboat service, they also operate a seasonal lifeguard service. Every year, their volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards help and rescue thousands of people and have saved over 143,000 lives since 1824. Countless more lives are saved through their youth education and water safety work.

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